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EnviroRight™ 25/10  To Fasttrack ahead at any time: Select one of these options

EnviroRight™ 25/10 shutters are a Thermo-Polymer reinforced resin with aluminium inserts for added strength. They will not crack, chip, split or warp ideal for the harsh Australian conditions


What does the name mean: EnviroRight™ - Right for the Environment, Right for your Home, Office, Commercial Environment and Right for your Custom Colour selection  
25/10: Backed 100% by their 25 year Thermopoly Product Warranty and 10 year Coating Warranty  


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EnviroRight 25-10 Brochure cover

Standard Colours: White, Snow , Swiss Coffee, Creamy, Butter, Super White, Pearl White, Eggshell,

Custom Colour:    colourrightbutton

Blade Type:            Elliptical

Blade Size:             64mm, 89mm, 114mm


enviroRight 20-10 Super White 130 Colour ThumbnailEnviroRight 20-10 Snow 105 Colour ThumbnailenviroRight 20-10 White 101 Colour ThumnailenviroRight 20-1 Creamy 110 Colour Thumnail

enviroRight 20-1 Butter 120 Colour Thumnail enviroRight 20-10 Pearl 133 Colour ThumbnailenviroRight 20-10 eggshell 132 Colour ThumnailEnviroRight 20-10 Swiss Coffee 107 Colour Thumnail


View as large Colours  or to view other ShutterRight™ product Colours Click here:  

ShutterRight™ Product Colour Chart

Appearance: EnviroRight™ 25/10 are trendy, modern-looking, sleek, classy, elegant, and available for all applications around the home, office or commercial environment. They provide a rich contemporary look of the traditional Timber shutter BUT without Timbers' inherent problems. Clever sections and detailing helps conceal substrate imperfections and enhancing internal/external appearance  
Clean, 'Green' and Friendly on our Environment: EnviroRight™ 25/10 shutters are 100% Recyclable. They do not support bacterial activity and are Termite-resistant. Manufactured from hypoallergenic materials and not supporting fire combustion makes them fantastic for all applications around the Home or Office, especially safe around the family and kids.  
Home/Office Climate Management: Performance & Energy Efficiency: Within the home, EnviroRight™ 25/10 performs better and lasts longer than traditional shutters. They insulate 65% better than traditional coverings and are UV resistant. These shutters offer the ultimate balance on internal climate control based on your preference of light, air and heat transmission at any time. They are also more moisture and humidity resistant unlike timber/wood shutter materials.  
Internal Movements/Mechanics: Extrusion material is a Thermo Polymer reinforced resin, engineered and manufactured to exacting specifications for the best shutter performance. Each blade contains an aluminium insert for higher strength and increased stiffness which means EnviroRight™ 25/10 shutters will not sag, creep or deform over time. Opening and closing is effortless in seconds and by hand, one blade touch operates all  

External Finish:

Finished in Valspar paints, their Surface is repairable, re-coat-able and easily cleaned without harsh chemicals.

Valspar Paints Clean Air Formula: All Valspar paints water-borne paints and primers designated Clean Air Formula are non-toxic and low VOC with low odour output. Click here to read more about their environmentally friendly formulation:

Construction, Fitting and Instillation: These shutters are constructed with exceptional craftsmanship and high strength joints using both corrosion free screws and adhesives, superb characteristics for fixing and fastening, easy to fit and quick to install.  




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