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If you are looking for Aluminium Shutters you have 2 applications available to choose from :

  • As Fixed Screens - FIXED Screens/FIXED Panels made to varying measurements that contain elliptical shutter blades which are NOT movable
  • As Shutters - MOVABLE Shutter Panels (entire panel can be on slider to move left and right) made to varying measurements that contain elliptical shutter blades which ARE movable also(can tilt up or down as required by hand)


AlumiRight™ is our range of Thermoset (used to create a hard finish), Powder Coated (for protection and colour), Aluminium Plantation Shutter and Fixed Screen solution.

What does the name mean 'Alumi' - Aluminium plantation shutters and screens ideal for internal and external applications and shapes.
'Right' - Right for the Environment, Right for your Home, Office, Commercial Environment







Large image of Dulux Powder Coat Paints booklet

Backed 100% by their 7 year Aluminium Product Warranty and 7 year Coating Warranty 

Standard Colours:
Gloss White 02, Birch White 03, Anodised (Silver) 05

Custom Colours:
Satin White 01,  Black 04, Stains and ColourRight
ColourRight™ for AlumiRight™ is restricted to the Dulux Powder coat Standard colour range
Wood Grain Custom Colours: Natural Oak, Ironbark, Red Cedar

View the ColourRight™ Standard range of Dulux Powder Coat Paints by clicking here:
ColourRight™ Standard range of Dulux Powder Coat Paints

Blade Type:                  Elliptical

Blade Size:                   90mm



View AlumiRight™ Colours as large Colours or to view other ShutterRight™ product Colours Click here:

ShutterRight™ Product Colour Chart

Appearance The AlumiRight™ attraction lies within their sleek, modern design appeal. They are trendy, classy and elegant and suitable for todays' contemporary look specific to purpose both inside and outside the Home, Office or Commercial Environment.  
Clean, 'Green' and Friendly on our Environment: AlumiRight™ Shutters and Fixed Screens are highly Recyclable.  
Applications As Shutters and Screens, they are ideal for purpose specific Internal applications, but best suited for External, outdoor use because they are unaffected by moisture and impervious to insect attack. Their coating is UV resistant and more tolerant and enduring of the harsh Australian outdoor conditions.

As Fixed or sliding screens they provide an aesthetically appealing privacy barrier perfect for Patios, Balconies, Verandas and Windows.

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Internal Movements/Mechanics Each shutter blade is elliptical and with ABS end caps inserted for additional strength and increased stiffness which means they do not sag, creep or deform over time. Opening and closing is effortless in seconds by hand. Screens are fixed.  

External Finish

They are Finished in Quality Powder coated paints

Construction, Fitting and Instillation These shutters are constructed with exceptional craftsmanship into very light and corrosion resistant Aluminium blades and frames.Extrusion material is Aluminium engineered and manufactured to exacting specifications for best performance using high strength joints and stainless steel screws, superb characteristics for fixing and fastening, easy to fit and quick to install.

All hinges used in the AlumiRight™ range are high quality Stainless steel and matched in colour to your Shutter/Fixed screen colour selection



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