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Understanding Inside and Outside mounting of Shutters

What is a 'Window Opening'?

When you look at a wall, a window is placed in a hole or OPENING in that wall. This OPEN space is known as the WINDOW OPENING

Window opening


What is a Windows' 'Reveal'?

The Reveal is the internal distance from the edge of  the opening(on the wall) to the Window itself.
If a 'Reveal' is present, Shutters usually sit inside the window Reveal.


What is 'Inside mounting' (inside mount or reveal-fit)?

When a shutter is installed inside the reveal we call it an inside mount/reveal fit shutter.
In this diagram a shutter is fitted inside the reveal as indicated by the red line

Inside Mount Shutter                            

What is 'Outside mounting' (outside mount or face-fit)?

When a shutter is installed outside of the window opening on the wall area itself.
This type of Shutter installation is called outside mount or face fitted.
In this diagram the shutter is fitted outside of the reveal as indicated in the image to the left, by the red line on the wall