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Terminology/Glossary - All About Window Planation Shutters

Here you will find information specific about Window Plantation Shutters, Plantation Shutter Definitions, Terminology and general Plantation Shutter Glossary of terms:
We hope to provide a most comprehensive yet simple to understand and basic location or database of Shutter specific information, terminology and description available on the internet today so if there are any terms not listed, please advise us immediately by email to: 


Term: Description:

Window opening





When you look at a wall, a window is placed in a hole or OPENING in that wall. This OPEN space is known as the Window Opening

Window opening



Window openings' REVEAL


The internal distance from the edge of the opening(in line with the wall) to the Window itself. If a 'Reveal' is present, Shutters usually sit inside the window reveal


 Shutters can be installed Inside or Outisde mount:

Inside mount width and height


 Installing(mounting/fitting) a shutter inside the opening within the Reveal

Outside mount width and height





Installing a shutter on the wall area outside of the opening (this Type of Shutter becomes a Face-fitted shutter) 





The point at which we observe a break in the glass as defined by some kind of line or frame or other straight line/partition 





Anything likely to obstruct or get in the way of the fitting-of or use-of your Shutters once installed PANEL = Each door of a Shutter is known as a Panel. A Panel can install alone or with hinges as a hinged door

  • Window sills
  • Window frames
  • Window cranks & locks
  • Windows which open into the room
  • Electrical switches
  • Electrical outlets
  • Air conditioners
  • Heating outlets & Cold air returns
  • Baseboard heating units
  • Radiators
  • Door knobs
  • Doors that open into the room
  • Sensors for alarm systems
  • Light fixtures and pictures 



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