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 ShutterRight™ Shutter Anatomy                    

The above image is a Single Panel Window Shutter


Aluminium Insert Profile


1. Top Rail and Bottom Rail

Thicknesses vary depending on the height of the panel. Rail height is usually kept to a minimum to maximise the amount of light the panel allows in when the blades are fully open

2. Aluminium insert

An aluminium insert runs through the centre of each blade creating high strength and increased stiffness

3. Tension Screw

Tensions screws on Either Side of the Panel allow for an owner to simply adjust blades tension using a Philips head screw driver

4. Stile (AKA bead)

5. Tilt Bar/Rod

The Tilt Bar connects with all the blades on the shutter and thus controls the movement of the blades in an upward or downward direction when any single blade Is moved or operated by hand.Some Shutters are built with a centred Tilt Bar but these can obstruct views and do not look so appealing from a décor point of view. ShutterRight™ Shutters have a thinner, neater Steel tilt bar located off centre on one side for easier use and minimising visible obstructions. The ShutterRight™ Tilt rod is located on the Glazed side of the shutter (not visible inside the room)

6. Mortise and Tenon Joints

This joinery technique has been used for centuries in demanding building and furniture construction because of its combination of superior strength and stability

7. Divider Rail

This feature provides general structural integrity while allowing the top and bottom sections to be opened and closed independently

8. Elliptical Blade (AKA – Louvre)

Movement is operated on any blade by hand

9.Stile Finish

Where two panels meet upon closing, a gap presents through which light will pass. We recommend a 'D' Mould Stile or Rabbeted Stile to eliminate the gap.

10. Magnet and Catch

Recessed magnets allow for firm and tight closing while also providing a clean and streamlined appearance

11. Hinge

Our high quality hinges are fully adjustable and are designed with a removable pin allowing trouble free instillation Our hinges come in a range of standard colour or are colour matched to your chosen custom colour

12. Stile Cap

All ShutterRight™ Shutters are manufactured to the exact size of each of your windows and to your exact specifications, measurements and requirements.
Shutters can be painted any colour.